Allama Iqbal’s Baal-i-Jabreel | Translated by Naeem Siddiqui

Allam Iqbal, a poet of international fame, is recognized as the greatest poet of the Indian subcontinent in this century. His message is a guiding light to the world and is likely to acquire greater significance with the beginning of the new millennium. It is a messianic message-insistent and emphatic and beautiful in language, inspired by the deepest mystical experience, and the greatest admiration for the glory of Islam.

Baal-i-Jabreel can be divided into three sections: Odes, Quatrains (four-line stanzas), and Poems with specific titles, on different topics. their major themes, especially those of the Odes and the Quatrains, are three: a mystic experience, the concept of Selfhood (Khudi) and the conflict between Reason and Divine Love.

Bright are Thy tresses, brighten them even more,
And ravish my eyes, ravish my mind, ravish my heart and soul.
That love should be concealed, and beauty should be veiled!
Reveal Thyself to me, O Lord, or reveal me to myself.
Thou art the eternal ocean; I am a rivulet.,
Make me a part of Thee, O Lord, or make me fathomless.
If I possess a pearl within, give it a starry luster,
But if I am a piece of brick, give it a diamond’s sheen.
If of spring I cannot sing as a bird of paradise,
Make this half—enraptured soul a skylark of Thy spring.

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