The Journey Home ~ Safar Dar Watan

The Journey Home ~ Safar Dar Watan

It’s important to travel and see the world when and if life permits you to do so …One such beautiful journey I recently made this year by train in Pakistan. Will post more images to share the kind of sights, that always seem to imbed a wonderful memory as life moves on … and like most travels it’s refreshing to take the long way back home.

Your journey is towards your homeland. Remember you
are travelling from the world of appearances to the world
of Reality.


~ Hazrat Abd’l-Khaliq Ghijduwani r.a

The Sufi travels three Journeys—the Journey from God,
the Journey to God, and the Journey in God.

~ Traditional

I saw my Lord in my dreams and I asked, “How am I to
find You?” He replied, “Leave yourself and come!”

Hazrat Bayezid Bistami r.a

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