Hazrat Amir Khusraw r.a

In Amir Khusraw’s Hindavi poetry, his pir is called the jag ujiyaro (world illuminator) and maharaj (emperor) along with a number of other epithets that make this a common language of devotion for practitioners of all faiths. The device of using a female voice to express her longing for a lover is characteristic of Indic poetry and here is used expertly by the poet to be as inclusive as possible. In a well-known qawwali, Amir Khusraw is the bride to the groom Nizamuddin in a symbolic union of the master and disciple, with other Chishti elders invoked too:

I am sold on your beautiful face, Nizam,
I am sold on your beautiful face.
Of all the girls’ veils, mine is most soiled.
The women look at me and laugh, Nizam …
This spring, dye my veil afresh,
Preserve my honor, beloved Nizam,
For the sake of Baba Ganj-e Shakar,
Preserve my honor, Nizam …
Qutub and Farid have come in the groom’s procession,
Khusro is the bride, Nizam …
Some women fight with the mother-in-law,
some with the sister-in-law,
But my hopes are set on you, Nizam …
I am sold on your beautiful face.

Excerpt’s taken from “Amir Khusraw the poet of sultans and sufis” by Sunil Sharma

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