The Arrival of the Moon of Ramadân

May there be blessings for the arrival of the moon of the Ramadân 2
May your road be delightful, O fellow-traveller of Ramadân!

I went up on the roof so that I could see the moon, since in my soul
I was (feeling the) heart’s desire for Ramadân.

I gazed (at it but my) cap fell from (my) head, (since)
I was made “drunk”3 by the King of Ramadân.4

(O) Muslims, I’ve been drunk (ever) since that day.5 How
wonderful (is) the good fortune and lofty rank of Ramadân!

Besides this moon, there is another hidden Moon,6 concealed like
a Turk inside the tent of Ramadân.

The one who takes the road to that Moon comes to this excellent
moon at the threshing floor7 of Ramadân.

If he makes his face as pale as satin,8 he will wear the gilded robe
of honor of Ramadân.

Prayers are answered in this month, (for) the skies are pierced by
the sighs of Ramadân.9

He will gain the Egyptian kingdom of Love, like Joseph–
the one who practices patience in the “well”10 of Ramadân.

Decrease (the amount of) your pre-dawn meal.11
O speaker,12 be silent,13 (so that) by means of Ramadân itself,
they will become knowledgeable of (the blessings of) Ramadân

From The Dîwân-é Kabîr (also known as “Kulliyat-é Shams”
and “Dîwân-é Shams-é Tabrîz”) of Jalaluddin Rumi.
Translated from the Persian by Ibrahim Gamard, 10/26/03
© Ibrahim Gamard (translation, footnotes, & transliteration)

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