Nikon vs. Canon: Competition for Pro DSLR Market Heats Up

With both Nikon and Canon announcing new mid-range and pro DSLRs, competition for the high end is getting a lot more interesting. Does Nikon’s foray into full-frame even the playing field?August 2007. To say that this week has been one of the most exciting and amazing in terms of new camera announcements in a long time isn’t just the headline du jour to be repeated next quarter for some incremental upgrades to existing models.

Truly, Monday’s news from Canon, and Thursday’s news from Nikon are monumental and change the professional photography landscape in serious ways. As an aside, it’s considered wise in web style to get right to the point — don’t prattle on for a couple thousand words building a case and then supporting your thesis with your closing paragraphs. Get it all right up front — on the first page, above the fold.

So here we go: The DSLR camera announcements from Nikon and Canon this week take the camera wars to a whole new level. Ground was broken. Earth was shattered. And more message board postings than you can count were posted touting this camera or that — wondering about the feature set, an omission or inclusion, and lots that are just gloating among zealously brand-loyal users.


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