May the blessings & guidance of Allah be with you always … ameen. Let me start this blog with something that is enjoyable for the head and heart.

Select excerpt taken from: Rumi and His Spiritual Guides by Terry Graham

On meeting Shams, Rumi was infused with the wine of light, but it was the fire of love, infected by Shams’ presence, which set the brew a-boil, unleashing the power which drove him forward into the realms of transcendent consciousness. “Love boils the wine of realization,” as the Mathnawi puts it (Rumi 1975, III 4742).

For love is the driving force on the higher path, as Rumi explains:

When you seek out the grace-bestowed success,
wine’s the water of life, the body an ewer.
When the wine expands this success,
its impact makes the ewer smash.
(Ibid., 4743-44)

Once this happens, says Rumi, the “water turns into Cupbearer, as well as turning drunk” (ibid., 4745):

The Cupbearer’s a ray absorbed in the brew;
the brew simmers up and dances up hot.
Now ask the one affected if he’s seen such a brew
It needs no cogitation to know that within each
mental knower lies the potential to be stirred to such a boiling

In these words Rumi summarized the experience of what occurred to him when he was first charged by Shams and launched on the path through love. For the yet-to-be-perfected disciple, the force of love would burn away any consciousness of self, any tendency to try to know the objects of mystical cognition through the mind, all this being consumed by the holocaust of love, which heats the lifeblood of the wine of connection to the point where it surges through the individual consciousness, obliterating all awareness of anything but the Divine Object. Expressed in the Mathnawi:

Faith comes through love,
bringing inward attraction,
The capacity to receive
God’s light, 0 Aaron.

One’s love is the fire
that bums away doubt;
The light of day sweeps
away all mental notion.

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